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About the Author

Dawn Willson is a seasoned writer who has had a long career as a television writer/producer for PBS, NBC News, UPN’s national morning talk show – Everyday Living, the Discovery Channel’s – Gimme’ Shelter, A&E Network’s Biography, Biography Channel, Biography International programs, The History Channel’s  - Ancient Mysteries, Modern Marvels and History Channel International.  Dawn has also written and produced several websites.  Dawn then turned towards a successful online marketing career where she provides Content Marketing to various clients around the world. www.ndawnm.com

A television producer for over 12 years, Willson is now combining her skills as a speaker, producer, online marketer and writer along with her experiences as a victim of an international parental abduction and high conflict custody cases to help other parents and children get the best conflict resolutions. A survivor of International Parental Abduction herself, Dawn lost contact with her only daughter for almost three years. Reunited with her daughter in December of 2008, her daughter was abducted 19 times over 13 years.

With her personal knowledge of the family court system, enduring 13 years of family court in three states and three countries fighting to see her own daughter abducted to Spain, Dawn hopes to shed light on how conflict of this nature affects children, parents and society as a whole.

Dawn hopes she can prevent more children from enduring years of abuse and casualties of family war.

For more information on help with Parental Abduction go to www.internationalparentalabduction.org